Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Let's Play


Lamb::Poppy Hair//Ombre
Blueberry & Grixdale::Madcap Jacket//AquaPink
Blueberry & Grixdale::Madcap Top//Aqua
Blueberry & Grixdale::Madcap Panties//Red
Blueberry::Mykonos Boots//Red *Rare*
BF::Necklace I Love You//Gold
Lady Gor:: Work It Pose

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Camo and Patch


Lamb::Poppy Hair//Ombre @ Collabor88
Codex::Floppy Hat//Ultrarare @ YouGatcha
Codex::Black Stylish Bag @ YouGatcha
Villena::Vest & Crop Top//Camo + Patches @ Uber
Valekoer::Tactical Flip Boots//Black @ Uber
Blueberry::Jimena Denim Shorts//Ombre 7



Inia::Cute Umbrella Gacha//Rare @ YouGatcha
Codex::Bracelet//Gold @ YouGatcha
Katat0nik::Ruffle Collar & Gatekeeper Necklace @ Collabor88
LaGyo::Night Necklace//Copper @ Collabor88
Zenith::Garters Socks//Pink @ Collabor88
Bishies Inc::Aria Suit//Peach
Mandala::Sinra Rings

Monday, 26 September 2016

Thinking of You


Rezology::Sky Hair//143
Kibitz::Ninette necklace//Gold @ Kustom9
Kibitz::Gigi braclets//Gold @ Kustom9
LeP::Strappy Bralette//Food @ Kustom9
Bishies::Tutu skirt//Hot Pink @ Retro Rewind Fair
KC::Charlotte Heels//Chestnut

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Railway Dance


DeLa::Danais Hair//Blondes @ Tres Chic
PetroFF::Aurora Bracelet//Pink @ Tres Chic
Mimikri::Luna Paillettes Dress//Cotton Candy @ Tres Chic
Zenith::Vintage Lace Legwarm @ Tres Chic
Random Matter::Halek Choker//Silver
Mandala::Sinra Rings
Lady Gor:: Fairy Pose Set

Friday, 16 September 2016

Grab a Sheet, Take a Seat


[Due]::Michiyo Hair//Ombre 11 @ Kustom9
Pr!tty::Kitty Headband//Light Bright @ Kustom9
Random Matter::Halek Choker//Silver @ Kustom9
Minimal::Feather Earring//Black @ Cosmopolitan
Bishies::Crop Top//Beige
Blueberry::Kyla Mini Skirt//Plain White
Fri::Zephyr Wraps//Coal

Saturday, 10 September 2016



Rezology::Sleek and Centered Hair
Alme::Glam Mix Nails//Black & Gold *Rare* @ YouGatcha
Lakshmi::Earrings *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan
ID::Daylight Eyes//Blue *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan
White Widow::Body Tattoo *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan
Azoury::Petrova Necklace *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan
Amiable::Diamond Ring *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan
PetroFF::Anna Magdalene Watch *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan
Breathe::Day After Day Heels//Red Wine *Gift* @ Cosmopolitan

Abernathy Styles


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